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Wedding Packages

Matt and I are the owners and founders of The Great Hall of Royal.  Matt was actually born near Royal - and St Louis Catholic Church wa his parish until he moved to Granville.  I was born near Algona -- and lived there until college!  We were both active in lots of things in our high schools -- including choir.  He attended a choir camp at BCU where he met a very nice girl.  ( spoiler alert - she is still a very nice girl)    I also went to a choir camp at BCU where I met a very nice boy.  ( spoiler alert - he is still a very nice boy)   Matt went to St John's in MN for college.I chose to go to College of St Benedict in MN ( sister school to St John's).  Not because of the boy mind you --- but because it was a great school!  (My dad liked to bring this up A LOT!) :)  Anyway, we got married in 1995 -- and that is "us"!  


We moved quite a bit to begin with - making homes in St Cloud, MN, Tyler,TX, Fort Worth, TX, and finally Sioux City, IA for 19 years.  We were lucky enough to have 3 girls -- and they've kept us on our toes!  Honestly, having kids is fun.  And --- seeing the best of yourself and your sweetie come through them is amazing!  Now, seeing your sassiest self X3 is maybe not...amazing...but, it is indeed a sight to see!  


One of my favorite things is being a homemaker.  I love being a wife, mom and homemaker!  Our kids are grown and off doing their things - but time together is time to be enjoyed!  Favorite foods, favorite drinks, favorite treats -- and with my favorite people!  I also love a lot of traditional things --- cooking, baking, gardening, canning...all the stuff.  So, when not in the venue you will find me working away at that stuff!  


One of my other favorite things -- is all things customer service!  I LOVE IT!  And, really, that's why owning and operating an event venue hits all my feels!  I love to help people!  I love to help them plan lifes special events with joy and confidence!  From the big picture of choosing how to lay out the venue to the details of helping to streamline the day, all while giving your guests the experience you are hoping for!  Some people like to go a formal route of using a wedding consultant or wedding coordinator for their wedding planning, or an event coordinator for their special event.  And that can work wonderfully!  But, if that is not part of your wedding planning -- that is ok too -- we can help you!  Yeah...that's the fun stuff!  


Where does Matt fit in to all of this today?  He keeps a little more of a behind the scenes roll as he still works in Ag as well.   He's at a lot of tours -- adding information and also adding areas I skip.  ( Like the on demand hot water heater!  Why do guys like to check stuff like that out?!?)  You'll also often see Matt at events behind the bar, helping with transitions throughout the night, running the projector, or firing up the fire pit.  Basically -- he's our guy for getting it done!  


So -- there you have it.  You know a bit more about us -- and we can't wait to get to know a bit more about YOU!  


Hope to see you soon -- we've got an event to plan! 


Sara and Matt 

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