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Quick and Easy Potluck Suggestions: The Meal Version

I’ve done the super easy desserts already – but here is the meal version to share for potlucks! I get calls and texts from family members every year – some a couple a year (you know who you are! – asking me what to take for a Potluck)! I find this funny because I generally start with…what do you like? Seriously! Take what you like – It is likely that they will like it too!

One of the things that tends to freeze people up is wanting to make sure that it is ‘nice enough’ for the potluck – but also easy enough to feel confident that they will do it ‘right’. Especially if you are not a great cook – or don’t like to cook – having a few options in your arsenal is nice. Being able to pick something quick and easy that you feel confident making and sharing…well…that is a game changer.

I am going to give you a few “cheater” options here – and encourage you to add or make whatever makes you happy! This is just a starting point for you to think of things that would be best for you!

First – don’t overlook the obvious. I love to cook – and I think I’m better than average in the kitchen – but I still get requested to bring specific, ridiculously easy things to potlucks or bake sales. Give the people what they want! 😉

First Option --- Meatballs in a crockpot. You really can’t go wrong with this. I am sharing super easy recipe’s – but these can be doctored up as much as you’d like – or not at all! I start with frozen meatballs (unless I can talk my daughter into making some – it’s been awhile but she makes really good ones!). For a lunch potluck I would cook the meatballs off first in the oven ( or microwave in batches). Otherwise they might not get hot all the way through and no one wants that.

Then – add a sauce for them to simmer in. You can honestly do – Straight BBQ. ½ BBQ and ½ Grape jelly. ½ BBQ and ½ jalapeno Jelly. ½ mustard and ½ jalapeno jelly. Or, can of cream of mushroom soup and ½ can of milk. --- OR – literally any other sauce that you like. If you like it, add it to the meatballs – and if you need to thin it out, realize that it will thin a little bit simply by heating up…and you can also add in milk if it is a cream based sauce, or water, or a thinner component (like BBQ in with the jelly’s). Sounds simplistic I know – and trust me – when you get more comfortable you might add additional seasonings, etc. But the basics – meatballs in sauce – you really can’t go wrong!

Second Option – refrigerated dip with something great to dip it in. ( I already mentioned that I’m cheating here, right?). But for real – in a pinch ( and a couple because we love the boughten dip as well as my time consuming homemade one) – Prime example is the Spinach Artichoke Dip from Sam’s Club. It is fantastic and every bit as good as mine! So – I make a lot of other things – but this one I cheat on. Buy the dip – decide if you want to serve it cold or heated in either the oven or a small crockpot. And then choose something delightful to dip it. Favorite variety of crackers? Sliced baguettes either cold or toasted? Naan bread bites? Options are endless – just whatever sounds yummy!

What do you think? These are two stand by options I always recommend…I always have the ingredients on hand…and they always disappear when you take them!

Let me know what your standby favorites are!

Sara <3

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