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Quilts - A family tradition

These pictures -- they just make me grin. This summer for dad's funeral we had most of the family in town and used this time to go through some of the Christmas lap quilts that dad, mom and some of the girls have been working on. They are not all completely done -- but they area close! The plan is that every kid -- all seven of us -- get a Christmas lap quilt! Yay!

So --- I just had to share the pictures because they make me grin! Also -- the big personalities in this family of mine --- oh they are big personalities! Somewhere along the line -- we all ended up with Tiaras. Because why wouldn't we? The great grands were REALLY excited that Great Grandma was wearing a tiara too! And my SIL Lisa stood in the back. Because she is the shortest by a lot. So, of course she should be in the back! (We are all just so happy our brother has the bestest wife!!) And, my oldest sister Jan and I (the youngest) ended up on either side of mom.

So --- you've looked already, right? That "pinching mom's hiney" picture? I maintain that was Jan -- who is the oldest and therefore the most responsible -- that was Jan's idea. I was just doing as I was told...because that's what the baby does!

I hope you enjoy these silly pictures -- just a little sneak peek in the lives of a family with seven kids! And -- the joy that a hobby like quilting can bring to the family!

What is your family hobby? Share a picture!


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