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The Quinceañera

Quinceañera --- in short --- a beautiful celebration!

My first exposure to quinceañera celebrations was through my parents who lived in southern Texas for 20+ years. They created a lot of friendships over the years both in the park they lived in and through their church relationships. And, as a product of those friendships, they were invited to several quinceañera celebrations for the grandchildren of their friends! They loved it! And Mom would tell us all about the beautiful dresses -- the decorations -- and the pageantry of it all.

So --- when I got a call asking if we'd host a quinceañera at The Great Hall --- it was the quickest of "YES'S!"

It was fantastic! So much joy and love go into the planning by the mom and dad -- and other special people in the girl's life -- and it shows through in all the details! A 15th birthday never looked so amazing! We were so happy to be the backdrop to let all of this shine through -- and to see the love shown by family and friends as they celebrated this traditional milestone from a girl to a young woman.

Please enjoy these pictures -- they are truly worth a thousand words! And -- when you hear someone talking about a quinceañera they attended -- I hope your first thought is "Awesome! Can I see pictures!?!" :) Decorations:

Gifts for the birthday girl

Sweet treats

Slide show of her childhood

Friends and family celebrating

The Princess

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