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Wedding Budget Series: Part 3 - Unveiling Elegance: Attire, Blooms, Invites, and Picture-Perfect Mom

So here we are -- another selection relating to wedding budgets -- and I have loved your messages about this topic! You guys are fantastic! I hope this is helping to not only prioritize the budget -- but also to let you know that what you choose to do is absolutely ok! For 100 brides there will be 100 different answers! Budgets aren't meant to be a one size fits all thing -- and certainly not when we are talking about planning out a significant life event like a wedding! You got this!

Today -- we are talking our Level Two -- it is absolutely not that these aren't important...they are just the "next most important" things! ( for me!) Remember -- this is designed to get you thinking about all the aspects and making your own list of priorities!

Our Level Two: Dress, Tux/Suit situation, Flowers, Invitations and Save-the-Dates, Engagement Photos.

Dress first. Because. Well, because it is the wedding dress! If you haven't started looking yet - having a budget is so amazing in this process! For us, we set a limit that we were willing to pay towards a dress. An "up to" amount. If the kiddos pick a more expensive dress, they can do that -they would just be responsible for the difference! The beauty of this is that if you go in with a budget and talk to the people helping you at your appointment -- they can guide you to stay in that budget. So -- if you want to spend $2K they can show you dresses in that range and *maybe a titch higher -- but be clear that you don't want anything over a maximum amount. You will be amazed at the options they can share with you! And, if you only try on things in your price range --- then you don't fall in love with something that takes the cake ( and the dinner) right out of your budget! LOL But I am sincere about that. It's like test driving a car 4X over your budget. It might be amazing -- but you just simply can't afford it.

Tux/Suit second -- having a plan for what the groom, groomsmen, dads, etc are going to wear is pretty nice to decide on too! They generally have a lighter timeline on getting it all together for the big day -- but it helps to have that simply crossed off your list -- as well as having a sense of what the aesthetic of the day will be. As you are planning the rest of the details -- it is nice knowing what that plan is!

Flowers third -- because I love them! If you are planning to work with a florist for real, artificial a combination of both -- getting that sorted out early is so helpful! They need time to make the plan with you, and budget their time to be able to devote the energy to making your bouquets and arrangements! This is a very artistic skillset - and you get the best from them when they have the time to make it happen! Be sure to have those conversations about your budget, what you want the feel to be, and areas you want their help with. A great florist can really be a great guide for you!

Photo of wedding invitation

Invitations and Save the Dates fourth -- I put these together because of style. The Save the Dates are first out - but it is really nice to have your style firmed up for both -- and for the wedding in general when you get to these! There are a lot of options out there -- you really just have to see what suits your style and budget! A few extra thoughts...when making your guest list a google doc you can share with the mom's is awesome -- and adding the addresses there is helpful too for shower invites as well as these items! **bonus points if you save that page for future events!

Engagement Photos fifth -- because these are fun -- and great to have taken care of to use on things like save the dates, shower invites, wedding website...all the things. This might be something you already have talked to your photographer choice about -- but having it in the budget as a separate item will help to keep that in mind too!

I hope you are enjoying this conversation -- it has been fun hearing your thoughts as we go -- remember to share this with someone that might enjoy it!

Sara <3

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