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Why rent space for a small gathering?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

One of the things that I have been having so many conversations about this spring and summer -- and leading into fall bookings -- is people's "why". And in this case, why do they want to rent space for a smaller gathering.

It has been an interesting conversation point because there are 100 whys for 100 people. But there is one main theme that comes through -- TIME.


This is something that comes up again and again in different forms. But the bottom line is people seem to really be valuing their time! I love to see how this comes through in their choices and how it is still such a personal decision for each one...but a decision that they ultimately feel 'right' in making to suit their needs! Sometimes this comes through because they are stressed - but often that hasn't been the case. It is more of an awareness of what they are prioritizing and how they are looking at it in such a way as to make it feel good and not have stress as a factor at all!

Examples would be:

  • Loving to cook but not to have to clean a home space to feel "company ready" so bringing in the food

  • Wanting to cater in the meal or a part of it in an easy way to feed a crowd

  • Loving having all the beverages options for a variety of guests and tastes

  • Wanting to not worry about buying specific beverages you wouldn't use up afterward

  • Loving to decorate the tables but appreciating them available and set up

  • Wanting to delegate out the decorating to others for help

  • Loving to focus on the day and not getting bogged down in details

  • Wanting to be worry-free about weather being hot/cold/rainy to make spaces at home 'work'

  • Loving everyone together and not spread out in different rooms/garages/outdoor space for a meal

  • Wanting the different rooms/outdoor spaces for social time after the meal

  • Loving bringing together more people than they might feel comfortable hosting at home

I love the conversations because of the way they wind through so many things - and as they share their stories I am always inspired by them! I am going to say ladies --- because that is who is generally planning these events -- ladies in this area really have their hearts in the right place when entertaining! They are so excited for the occasion and the joy that comes from getting together with loved ones! It is always neat to see them looking out for the big and the small, old and young, and making sure that there is something for everyone. I think a lot of us have that caretaker personality and love to see it all come together! It is always fun to walk through the spaces and hear how they anticipate each will be used.

At the end of the day -- what I hear as a common thread is that they want to continue to host warm and welcoming get-togethers - but they value the ways that they can save their TIME for the pieces that inspire them! And if we can help them with this by taking care of pre-cleaning, table and chair set up, and clean up afterward then they can focus on what is important to them.

And that is what inspires me. Every. TIME.



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