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7 Must-Have Wedding Services and Vendors that Made Our Daughter's Special Day Unforgettable

So --- it is time for me to share the individuals and companies that helped us to make our Lexi's Wedding day – well – just a delight!   

As we are "in the business" – we did choose to do some of the items DIY wedding style – and I can tell you I have mixed feelings about that. (You know I will always tell you the truth!!)  We really are able to draw on years of experience – and were able to pick and choose items that we could do without sacrificing quality in areas that were important to the bride and groom.  I honestly don't recommend it for everyone! 

Doing DIY requires a level of skill, self awareness of what you really are good at, and brutal honesty on what you can and cannot compromise on.  Not everything you do will be Pinterest worthy --- and you have to be ok with that.  Or – really – choose not to DIY!  That being said – we have an extended family that has helped with The Great Hall since we started – and we like to think of ourselves as a pretty creative bunch.  So, for us it worked!  

Here are some highlights of our vendors – and why we loved them!  We had such great help --- and we appreciate what they did for us so much!  

  1. Bridal bouquet --- Lexi's bridal bouquet was designed by KT from Broadway Market Place in Paullina. She is an amazing person - who happens to create amazing floral arrangements including wedding bouquets!  Lexi met with her and picked some she loved – and KT created a beauty for her.  The desire was for a simple one - mixed greenery and white flowers.  And, it was indeed simple – simply BEAUTIFUL that is!  

bride with large green and white bouquet of flowers for wedding at the Great Hall of Royal
Lexi with Bridal Bouquet designed by KT from Broadway Market Place

2. Bride's dress --- We found Lexi's gown at Bride to Bride in Sioux Falls. They had a pretty great variety - and in a price point she was comfortable with!  We actually tried on several...and she loved the top of one - and they style of the bottom of another!  So, a quick series of texts to our alterations person to confirm if it could be done – and we bought the one with the PERFECT top – and had the bottom redone to be the PERFECT bottom!  We loved that they had enough space for her sister and I to enjoy the shopping experience as well – and even picked up the bridesmaids bouquets while there!  (they were a great price and I could make some adjustments/additions to them to fit Lexi's vision)  

Bride with I said yes to the dress sign with sister and mother.
Lexi, Jackie, and Sara at Bride to Bride in Sioux Falls

Alternations being made on bride to be wedding dress.
Lexi with Barb from Garments by Design

3. Bride's alterations --- we were lucky enough to work with Barb from Garments by Design to do the alterations on Lexi's dress! She was able to work with me to see how the original was sewed while we were still at the store – and then met with us several times to talk through the vision, measure and sew, and finalize the alterations.  She also did a lot of little alterations on sleeves, shoulders, etc. Things that my eye didn't even see until she pointed them out!  Then, as they were done, we LOVED the results! She removed the old skirt (using part of it for the veil she created) and then created the new skirt.  Seamlessly done – and a perfect fit!  (and her selection of jewelry and hair pieces is fantastic – we were able to find the perfect complement to Lexi's hair and veil at Barbs!)

4. Mother of the Bride's Dress --- I was delighted to be able to shop locally...and at a wedding dress store with such a great reputation and such good people!  I found my dress at Grand Bridal in Spencer - owned by Denice.  Theresa helped me with shopping the day Lexi and I went in – and was wonderful.  We looked at many options, tried on several, and finally tried on one that I was totally not thinking would be ok on me at Theresa's urging.  And loved it!  I came out of the dressing room and Lex said - this is THE ONE!  I couldn't agree more!  We were able to order the size needed, had it in plenty of time, and picked it up ready to go!  AMAZING!  

Wedding party at front of church
Sara in her mother of the bride gown from Grand Bridal

5. Father of the Bride Suit --- I know - they get overlooked sometimes, don't they?  As the boys were all wearing black suits - we decided the time was right to order a new suit for Matt that he can wear for years to come!  We chose to go to The Squire Shop in Spencer and they were great to work with!  They took the time to show us options, helped with measurements, ordered it in and did some alterations, and had the accessories we needed too!  All local – and easy for a busy guy's schedule!  

Father in black suit seated next to daughter bride on red couch.
Matt in his suit from Squire Shoppe in Spencer, Iowa

6. Bridal and Wedding Party Hair – Ashley from The Office:  Hair Design Studio really hit it out of the park for us.  We Loved her candor and good humor – and she fit right in with Lexi and all the girls in our Bridal Suite getting ready!  She did a trial run with Lexi – which resulted in exactly what Lex was looking for – and then added in the bridesmaids, myself and one of my sisters the day of.  All totally different hair and ideas – and all lovely.  I remember sitting down after a whirlwind morning of overseeing 'all of the things' – and then saying "OH!  I hadn't really thought about my hair!  I would like up – and something that looks nice!" ( facepalm).  And she just chuckled – and proceeded to give me exactly what I say I was delighted would be an understatement!  

7. Photography – Lexi had a college friend as her photographer – Maddie did a GREAT job highlighting all of the things Lexi wanted her to!  Madeline Severson Photography  She spent time with the girls in the brides room – captured some fun moments of the grooms party – lots of photos at the church – and then back to the reception!  She was so nice to work with...and I think that in all the weddings I assist with - having the photographer and the bride and groom – well vibe for lack of a better term – really makes a difference on the experience of the day!  

A couple of footnotes – that I didn't get pictures of.  I was a LITTLE bit busy that day!!  

​**Casey's Bakery in Sioux Center is where we purchased our dinner rolls for the pulled pork and brisket sandwiches.  They have the best buns hands down.  100% worth the trip over to get them --- our family and friends LOVE them!  

**Wedding jewelry – I picked up a few necklaces and earrings from both Nelson Jewelry and The Hen House in Spencer – to have a variety for the girls and I to choose from.  They were just the thing --- and we have continued to wear them!   

**The girls and I also had our "fingers and toes" done at Design Masters in Spencer – it was a great time – we were able to chat with the lovely stylists and each other and time flew by – ending with pretty toes and fingers!  So nice!  

So – all in all – is this where I say it takes a village to make a wedding day?    We did enjoy it so much – and I FINALLY have pictures hung at the house.  We were so lucky to have such great resources available in the area, and such amazing wedding professionals to make it all happen for us!  And lastly – to our local ladies who stepped in and helped Matt and I enjoy the day as "mom and dad" because they ran the bar and kitchen for us – we are indebted!  {Sena, Katie, Marci and Kay – you are treasures}   <3 Sara

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