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A Fun Date to Fill

Here is an answer to one of the recent questions I've received...

Is there a particular date on your calendar that you'd like to fill?

Ohhhh --- yes! A Christmas wedding and a New Years wedding! We were fortunate to have a January wedding this year and they captured some amazing "winter wonderland" type of moments --- we kept our big tree up and they used a lot of evergreen greenery in their decorating -- it was beautiful! {see some pictures!} just made me want MORE!

Adding their rustic winter decorations it was not only Beautiful -- but it smelled Amazing! It was awesome to see them embrace the winter wedding and add some fun jean jackets for all the ladies to layer over their dresses for the outdoor pictures as well.

So, in light of this winter wedding -- I think adding in a Christmas themed wedding -- or the joy of a New Years Eve celebration would be something really fun to be a part of! So --- it is on my wish list -- and I just know it will be coming soon!


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