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Easiest Zucchini Recipe Ever

So here I am --- a little embarrassed that I haven't already shared this recipe!  This is one of the easiest zucchini recipe's ever -- and we eat zucchini all year around!  :)  A bonus -- this is keto friendly -- although they won't miss a thing (and neither will you!!).  

Start by slicing up your zucchini --- I typically cut it in half the both lengthwise - and then down the middle too so it lays nicely on the cutting board.  Then angle in your cuts to make them even and more like a nice potato wedge style of a 'fry'.   And the rest couldn't be easier!  A couple of eggs beaten in one bowl to dip into first -- followed by a bowl with parmesan, garlic powder and some Italian seasoning.  Then spread them out on a cookie sheet ( parchment paper if you dislike scrubbing like me!) -- and bake at 400 degrees.  I go about 15 minutes and then using tongs turn them a rotation - and 15 minutes more.  depending on the thickness of your cuts they might need a little longer - but they will be a nice golden brown.  

My favorite --- dipping them in pizza sauce.  But, we've also had them in ranch, bbq and blue cheese dressing.  They are yummy --- so whatever mood your in they will pair well with it!  

I know that zucchini gets all the attention when it is ripe by the dozens in the summer garden - but don't sell it short!  it is an amazing accompaniment to any meal!  


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