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How to Eliminate Wedding Stress

It is a beautiful day -- and another wedding is setting up in the Great Hall for tomorrow!

This led me to think about something I've been meaning to share with you --- tips on decorating for your wedding! I've watched and helped with a lot of decorating for weddings and other events over the years and I have some tips that I think will help. ( note to all my previous Brides --- this is NOT about you! Well, take the good stuff -- but the "what not to do" parts are a compilation!)

Things that will make decorating for your wedding or event go smoother are:

-- Do a pre-set table at home and photograph it. This can be texted to EVERYONE helping to set up.

-- Consider boxing the "fixings" for each table separately. One box per table. They will know they have everything they need at their fingertips.

--Have a go-to person that you have talked through everything with so they can field the questions and walk around and do "touch-ups".

--Save a part that you LOVE to do yourself! Is it the first thing your guests see when they come in at the Entrance Table? The Memory Table? The Gift Table? Whatever makes your heart go pitter-patter is yours - spend your energy there and it will energize you!

Not only does this help your vision to come together for the others, but it takes away their anxiety about "doing it right" making them more likely to jump in and make it happen! All of these things require a little more work for you ahead of time -- but they can be done WAY ahead -- and I promise you that it is worth the prep!

Things that will add a layer of stress to your decorating for your wedding or event (and why I think so) are:

-- Trying too hard to be accommodating, and therefore not making any decisions. This is the "do what you feel like" decorating. As much as you are trying to make it easier for them, this leads to tables being wildly different and not necessarily what you envision. And, you will have helpers that know they don't have a decorating vision -- they WANT you to tell them what to do!

-- Having lots and lots of supplies, but no real vision of how it all should flow together. Compound that with all the personalities helping for the day and you can end up with a ton of your time taken making decisions on the fly to put together your centerpieces.

-- Trying to do it all yourself! You can't be everywhere at once - and if your helpers don't have a clear game plan they don't know what to do to help! This can make your decorating day LONG, and your helpers antsy as they are not sure what to do! Accept the help -- get it done -- and go relax!

So -- that is my offering for tips! Honestly, prep work makes the dream work on a lot of the wedding weekend, and decorating is no different! It is not always the glamourous part, but knowing that you can delegate some of this out is stress relief in and of itself! You will NOT be a bridezilla for making your wishes known, you will actually be loved for giving them a clear vision! Help your friends and family to help you! They want a part in making your day beautiful and full of joy!


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