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Planning a Holiday Party?

Holidays are approaching! And if you are like us -- you do a lot of front end planning -- before harvest happens!

I have had a few inquiries in the past week or so -- wanting to know what days we are offering around the holidays, how much it costs to rent for their families, and if I will do caterings of those parties or if they need to find catering solutions on their own. So -- it feels like a good time to cover some basic information! (I'm skipping the costs -- because that varies over time...and these blog posts --- well they could be up for the long haul! )

The holiday scoop at the Great Hall:

  1. Renting a space for your family to gather can be awesome. You don't cook (unless you want to), you don't clean, you don't set up and tear down, and you don't stress. Boom. I am not to say it is for everyone -- trust me when I tell you that our family still gathers in everyone's well as the venue! It varies by occasion, how many of us there are, and what we are planning! But, we have LOVE'd adding the venue as an additional space to get together. And, some other local families have too!

  2. We do rent a variety of days next to the holiday, but it varies on the holiday and what our family plans are. (as a family owned venue we ARE the staff most of the time so we have to balance the business with our life!) Reach out to us and let us know what you are thinking -- and we will see what we can do to accommodate so that you can have the get together of your dreams!

  3. As with all of our rentals, we do the table/chair set ups, take down, and the clean up. You can come right in - decorate if you'd like - and start the party!

  4. We do require all beverages to be purchased on site. And this means that we have to staff someone in the bar area for your event. So, we will work with you on what this will look and feel like -- but it is required every time. No beverages can be brought into the Great Hall. Not even grandmas special punch. I can get the recipe and make it -- but you can't bring it in. Thank you for respecting this and not trying to "work around" this requirement...policing your party is the last thing we want to do -- it leaves a bad feeling all around!

  5. Catering is wide open! You can totally do it all yourself or have it catered in from an outside source -- or we can help with the catering! We have done holidays easy-peasy appetizers and desserts or something simply like a nacho bar...and we have done the whole traditional meal of turkey and ham with all the fixings and homemade pies. I've also done catering as a hybrid --- they've catered a piece that is important to them ( and they love to do) --- and I cater the rest of their wish list!

Bottom line -- the holiday's can be stressful -- but we can help with that! Just don't wait too long or the dates fill up!

Sara <3

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