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Quick and Easy Potluck Suggestions: The Dessert Bar Version

So, funny story here. I get calls and texts from family members every year – some a couple a year (you know who you are! – asking me what to take for a Potluck! I find this funny because I generally start with…what do you like? Seriously! Take what you like – It is likely that they will like it too!

One of the things that tends to freeze people up is wanting to make sure that it is ‘nice enough’ for the potluck – but also easy enough to feel confident that they will do it ‘right’. Especially if you are not a great cook – or don’t like to cook – having a few options in your arsenal is nice. Being able to pick something quick and easy that you feel confident making and sharing…well…that is a game changer.

I am going to give you a feel “cheater” options here – and encourage you to add or make whatever makes you happy! This is just a starting point for you to think of things that would be best for you!

First – don’t overlook the obvious. I love to cook – and I think I’m better than average in the kitchen – but I still get requested to bring specific, ridiculously easy things to potlucks or bake sales. Give the people what they want! 😉


First Option --- rice crispy treats – preferably fruity pebble rice crispy treats. For real. I get asked to bring them all the time – and my niece has it on her “most requested” list now too. And, yes…I feel like I’m cheating every time they ask for them! LOL.

  1. I use a really large microwaveable bowl in a pretty large microwave. My college kids split theirs in half for smaller microwaves! Spray it with nonstick spray…throw in a stick of butter and a bag of marshmallows (12-16oz) – and microwave for 3 minutes. (you can also melt on the stove top – but I AM cheating here.)

  2. Spray a large rubber spatula as well – and stir this until it is all mixed together, the marshmallows are smoothed out, and the butter is mixed in. Then add rice crispy’s (start with about 3 cups of regular) and 3 cups fruity pebbles (coco pebbles are also a great option). Mix it together thoroughly. Add a few more as needed --- but do not add too many! Keep it a little gooey!

  3. Spray your pan and dump the mixture in and smooth out. Done. That is it.

Really. The key to REALLY REALLY good ones though it not trying to add too much cereal…they get harder and just not gooey as they set up, which is just disappointing. Rice crispy treats just shouldn’t crumble!

Second Option --- special brownies. No --- not THOSE – just yummy frosted!

  1. I start with a good brownie mix – I like the boxed ones from Sam’s – but I’ll buy the more expensive deluxe ones at the grocery store too.

  2. Bake per directions – just pull them out of the oven as soon as you think they are done! Barely done = chewy and not hard!

  3. When they are done and cooled – I simply frost with your favorite chocolate frosting (milk, dark, german chocolate coconut).

  4. And, if the mood strikes – some sprinkles. Maybe seasonal, maybe mini chocolate chips, really whatever would make you choose it from the platter. So – a box mix brownie – frosted and sprinkled. Boom. Done.

What do you think? These are two stand by options I always recommend…I always have the ingredients on hand…and they always disappear when you take them!

Let me know what your standby favorites are! Sara

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