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Rhubarb Jelly & Jam

Our rhubarb we transplanted is up! I have had rhubarb for about 20 years – but when we bought our place in Royal and I transplanted the rhubarb that first fall (splitting the three large hills I had in Sioux City into several smaller ones here). I was nervous that they might not growwhat if the soil wasn’t right? What if they didn’t get the same amount of sun? What if I planted them wrong? So, seeing them come up last summer was a reliefalthough letting them rest a year was a struggle! This spring we are all in to making some favorites and trying some new recipes!

Today I am sharing the new jelly recipe I triedwe love all things vanilla so combining that with the rhubarb seemed like it couldn’t go wrong. I tweaked a couple things, I used white vanilla extract instead of the vanilla bean and I added two drops of red food coloring (should’ve only used one) because my rhubarb is a little more green than red and I wanted a pretty jelly. Vanity I know…😉

The second recipe here is a jelly that has cinnamon in itagain, how could it not be great! One of my girls doesn’t like rhubarb unless it is in a cinnamon rhubarb coffee cake (when she was little she thought it had apple in it instead of rhubarb and decided she loved it before realizing that she ‘shouldn’t like it’ because it was rhubarbanyone else have a kid like that? Anyway, I am hoping to lure her into this jam too as it is a pretty powerful flavor and definitely seems like the rhubarb is an accent and the cinnamon steals the show.

Recipes are listed below – and some pictures from my day (above). I hope you enjoy this post! Let me know what you think if you try these recipes --- I’d love to hear about your rhubarb! 😊

Rhubarb Vanilla Jelly

Rhubarb Cinnamon Jam

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