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Simple tips to dress up your table!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

What is one area that sets the stage for your event? Ok, ok -- I know you're thinking Venue --- and you're not wrong! But, right after THAT...what do you notice?

{Ding, ding, ding!} Table Decorations!

Now, the beauty of a really aesthetically pleasing Venue is that it sets the foundation and you can go as big or as little as you want for the table decorations. And they will... All. Be. Beautiful. All of them! I really can't stress that enough! One of the questions I field from brides in particular...but also from other event clientele is along the lines of "Oh Boy -- how much should I do?" And my most sincere answer is "Whatever you want to do!" Really! But, while 100% truthful -- that is not always the answer that they are looking for, LOL. So -- here is an example from a recent event.

We started with a blank slate (I LOVE blank slates!)...and then for this particular group that we have a membership in... we did their decorating for them. Because --- it is FUN! I honestly love a little creative license on events like this! We added gold placemats and colored chargers. I chose fall colors for this event. Then some cute colored hurricane lamps with LED Pillar candles in them...and scattered colored stones around the charger and table.

Altogether the five tables took about 20 minutes to decorate. Because it was all things I already owned (and you probably do too) -- and they just layer together naturally. Decorating CAN be hard and tricky and very very particular on how it arranges...but it doesn't have to be! So, go with your style! I will forever remember a family decorating that said "in our family, it's not done until it's overdone" -- and they said it so happy with how they were bringing it all together and making their dream vision come true! Know what you want and run with it!

And, with the beautiful space (like your home!) you can put together something easy-peasy like this and you are ready for the holidays, a special birthday, or simply your favorite dinner guests! Don't over-think it! Just let what you have already come together for a little touch of beauty!



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