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Some of Our Favorite Photo Locations

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I thought this might be a fun time to share some of our favorite picture spots for weddings -- both inside and outside! But -- I must tell you -- every photographer sees things so differently and they all pick a little vignette that they feature -- and they are all BEAUTIFUL! your photographer!

Here are a few of my favorites:


The front office alcove -- strange, right? But, it is a quiet little alcove and has a very pretty tree that has some nice lower hanging branches lush with leaves in the summer...add in the nice back drop of brick and windows...and if feels like a little secluded romantic spot!

Under the huge shade tree in our back yard. It is such a huge tree -- and the sunlight streaming through just gets an awesome dappled look...the pictures taken there are just such a perfect amount of sun and shade -- and no one is the wiser that our vegetable garden is right off to the side!

Between the treeline and the field. We are set right on the South side of town -- and in between the treeline of our land and the field next door is a little grass path. The pictures taken there seem to really capture the elegance of the couple in their

wedding clothes -- with the rural roots right next door. Such a fun connection!


Do I have to even say it? If you've followed us since the beginning I talk about the front entry couch and its elegant mirror -- a lot. Ok, A LOT! So -- probably no need to talk about it -- we'll just show it!

Bride's room -- there is no better spot to get the girls together and feel pampered! And when you feel beautiful - that radiance shines through! We love that the ladies have their own special space -- and that the photographers can capture the fun and sisterhood of getting ready together! It is a big part of the day and all behind the scenes -- but sometimes those memories include the sweetest moments too! Don't forget to capture those!

The game room is probably the last "spot" that shouldn't be overlooked! While the girls are being pampered -- the guys have some downtime. And that time is special too! They gather to play some cards, play some pool, maybe watch a few minutes of a game. This bonding time helps to ease any nervousness -- lets the generations hang out ( ring bearers, groomsmen, dads and grandpas) -- and have a little guy time! There is space and time to chat, some friendly ribbing, and just space to be together. Love seeing this space used and having the photographers capture some of these special moments!

So --- those are some of my favorites...but make no mistake -- I haven't been sent a picture yet that I didn't enjoy! You really can't go wrong!


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