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Table Layout Ideas

Table layouts – super exciting, right? It is something that people wonder about – and I’m here to tell you that it is something that makes a difference – but nothing to stress about!

How you layout the room, and the tables and chairs change the atmosphere. So, when you are planning your event, this is something that we will go over with you to make sure that the layout reflects that.

At the Great Hall we use 6’ black tables --- these can be set individually, in rows, or two together to create a square…and even squares joined up for some groups!

Choosing how many chairs around each and how they should layout also changes that feel.

Some things to keep in mind—are you looking for:

  • Conversational within their table

  • Presenter style as an audience

  • Open meeting square or U where they can all see each other

Bottom line – let me know what you are considering and what your end goal is – and we can create a plan for you!

<3 Sara


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