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The Busy Months?

Question is -- what months are the busiest and how can our guests plan for them? Hmmm...the short answer is that because we offer such a variety of events - many months have their unique booking challenges!

The long answer is a little more involved, lol. So for weddings --- I'd say that the peak months both for us and industry wide are June and October. June is historically THE month -- but October is really stepping up and being called the "new June." As a June bride myself (oh, bride was a LONG time ago!) -- I can tell you it was a busy month even way back then! October has really come in as a nice fall option with "generally" good weather conditions -- and therefore has become a bridal favorite as well! Other months though all have their perks as wedding months - and in 2022 we have weddings booked in 8 different months -- there really is no 'right answer' -- just what is right for you!

fall wedding camo tuxedos wedding party
Fall is the perfect time for a wedding in Northwest Iowa! Image courtesy of TG Photography.

For other events -- our December - February Weekend calendars book up quickly as well! Can anyone say Christmas for months?!? (Read more about our holiday weddings here.) Honestly though, because December is so busy -- many companies hold off on hosting their Christmas parties until January or February when things simmer down a little bit for people. This is so nice for a couple of reasons...your guests likely have less on their schedules and can make it, and, people are excited for a fun night out instead of exhausted by another December commitment! One thing to keep in mind, is those parties don't HAVE to be on a weekend -- and in fact -- a week night Christmas party is often very well received! If people are still juggling lots of commitments then having a week night party still lets them come and celebrate without having to choose between that and other family (sports anyone?) schedules!

Many companies hold off on hosting their Christmas parties until January or February

In general though, we book bigger events and weddings out quite a ways...and then the calendar fills in with other celebrations as we get closer to the dates! So, if you are looking for a specific date -- make sure you check in a couple months before...and let's get that on the calendar! Weekends fill up with a lot of great things like surprise birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, friends nights out, and family gatherings! If you want to host it, we want to help!


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