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Wedding Budget Series: Part 5 - Beauty, Elegance, Sacred Spaces: Hair, Makeup, Church, Musicians

Ohhh --- can I say good feedback?!? I am LOVING the conversations we are having about this! Please keep them coming!

If you are just seeing this now -- we have a conversation going about the wedding budget and so many of the thoughts that went into us making our own budget as well as what we have shared with brides that have requested it! You can find the previous conversations here BLOG & RECIPES | The Great Hall of Royal

Today we are covering my fourth order of priority -- I will say that this was written primarily for brides and not for us personally --- it terms of the church. We obviously picked a wedding date that we were open at the Great Hall -- but our second priority was actually securing the church. It was a priority that the wedding take place in the church -- and so that bumped up to the top of the list for us! (and, for many of our brides that choose not to have their wedding and reception both at the Great Hall!) If you are having them both at the same place --- then this changes for you too!

Our Level Four: Hair and Make Up Day of, Church Rental, Priest/Officiant Stipend or Fee, Church Decorations, Ceremony Musicians.

Hair and makeup -- because I can't even IMAGINE doing my own hair for our kids' weddings. Although --- I did it for my own! I was perhaps a little less inspired then! ha-ha. These are things that I just thought we might choose to have the extra help --- and that needs to be scheduled well in advance -- and budgeted for! The bride can choose both -- one or the other -- or neither! But --- if we are doing it -- let's get that on the books!

Church Rental - because that is important to us! We are delighted to pay for the church because for us personally the sacrament of marriage is important to the start of their married life -- and we want to support that in every way possible! We see a lot of couples that have their day start with getting ready at the Great Hall -- moving to their church for the ceremony -- and back to the Great Hall for the reception and festivities! If this is in your plans -- make sure you are getting on their books! ( and budget!)

Priest/Officiant Stipend or Fee -- again, we are delighted to have them marry in the church and will pay this stipend with joy! You will need to figure out what is required for you -- and if you are finding an officiant, please consider how they will really set the tone for the ceremony. We've had some really special ones at the Great Hall that have brought in a feeling of reverence for the fact that the couple is getting married -- and all with a special nod to things that are important to the couple. Make sure you check them out, check out their reviews, and have some conversations that help you to know this will fit!

Church Decorations -- another space to consider! This is something we didn't want to just "forget"! One of the things we have seen a lot of the couples do --whether their wedding was on site or at a church and then back to the venue -- is to make the ceremony decorations a part of the reception decorations! Bouquets, etc. can be shared and used for both! We are planning very simple at the church -- it is stunning already.

Ceremony Musicians -- how are you planning for this? With our weddings at the Great Hall we often see the DJ taking over the role of playing entrance and exit songs so that is something to consider when you are talking to them! For us, we will be having the wedding as part of a full Catholic Mass -- so we will have an organist and vocalist for the wedding. Some of them do this as a side job and have rates they charge -- and some of them do this as friends or relatives. Either way, decide how you are going to want this to look, get on their schedule, and budget for them whether it is a set fee or something you are paying as a thank you for their time and talent!

So --- still with me? I appreciate your feedback -- so let me know what you are thinking and if you think we are hitting the mark with this series!?! And -- as always -- be sure to share with a friend who might be interested!

Sara <3

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