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Zucchini #1

Soooo...I labeled this blog as zucchini #1...and all you gardeners of zucchini totally know what I mean. 

The garden picture above is a shot of my summer squash in the front and zucchini in the back. They are about 4 feet tall -- and BEAUTIFUL -- and we are well on our way to the overload on zucchini life! 

The counter shot was today's pickings -- I am trying to get them while they are still relatively small so that we can handle them -- but they are a little sneaky and tend to blend in pretty well!  

Tonight -- we had fried zucchini which I have made for years...and is as easy as slicing the zucchini, dipping it in egg wash, and then seasoned bread crumbs -- and frying in oil.  Easy peasy for a quick weekday night side dish!  But, I felt like we needed to try them in a new way because -- well -- NEW!?!  So, we made a Cheesy Zucchini Bake -- which is keto friendly (We have a family member doing keto so I'm trying to help out the cause while still using up my zucchini!!) I can tell you that as we pulled it out of the oven Matt walked through and just said "wow" --- it looks beautiful and smells fabulous -- and tastes fantastic!  So --- what's not to love!  

I am adding the link to the recipe here --- I will tell you that I used a little extra zucchini than they probably expect when they say "use 3" --- I mean how big are we talking, right?  So --- I compensated by adding an extra egg, a little extra cheese (I used feta and cheddar), and about 1/4 cup more almond flour.  Therefore...mine took a bit longer to bake!  But --- yum.  Just yum.  ️

Let me know what you think --- I love getting notes, messages and texts from people when they try a recipe!  Does my heart good!  

Here's the link to the website --- and happy cooking!  BTW --- Just Yum one more time.  LOL

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