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Zucchini once again (zucchini pizza casserole)

Ok -- here is a recipe that I can't believe I didn't try until this summer!  Matt's Grandma Ricke was a fantastic cook --- and when she passed away, the family did a cookbook in memory of her.  This recipe slid right past my notice -- until it was recommended this summer by Matt's aunts!  And oh boy were they right!  

I used home canned tomato sauce -- and omitted the green peppers (I.  Just.  Can't. ) but it was delightful!  Mom and dad were still here and LOVED it too!  And, it is a hearty meal --- this is on the menu for next week again!  So delicious and we loved the leftovers for Matt to pack for lunches.  

Hope you enjoy this!  Let me know what you think! 

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