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Is Wedding Day Food Romantic?

I know -- it's not top of your list of fun or romantic -- but, lunch can be the heartbeat of your day!

Something you'll hear me say again and again is to remember food the day of your wedding! I know you've got your lists (perhaps even lists of lists?!?), but did you remember lunch? The "day of" is busy, big, filled with 101 things to do -- and sometimes forgetting to eat happens!

As you're preparing for the big day -- my best advice is to put someone in charge of the food! This can be a great job for a parent or a favorite aunt! They don't need to make the food -- in fact, I think simple is best -- but they can be in charge of making it happen! In NW Iowa we have a lot of options from small family businesses to chain restaurants to choose from. The key is not so much WHAT you eat -- but THAT you eat!

Details your food boss should consider:

-- how many people will be there around lunchtime. Wedding party? Family members? Vendors such as hair, make up, photography? They all will need and appreciate a quick lunch!

-- what is in their wheelhouse? By this I mean -- do they want to go and buy fixings for a build it yourself sandwich bar, etc.? Or do they want to call on someone like Subway, place and order, and just pick up and deliver? They both get the job done -- it's just whatever is most comfortable for them!

-- think about including something "snacky" to supplement the meal -- and to be available throughout the day. A full plate might seem overwhelming , while a few well timed snacks might fit the bill!

--consider the "messiness" of the meal. sandwiches tend to work great as there is virtually no mess -- while a spaghetti feast might wreck havoc on those white shirts!

-- check with your venue on beverages. Here at The Great Hall we require all beverages to be purchased on site -- including pop and water. So, touch base with your venue on if they require you to purchase the drinks to accompany lunch from them!

--tableware -- will they need to grab a pack of plates, napkins and silverware for the lunch?

-- and lastly, timing. Make sure that they know when the majority will be ready for lunch -- they can have the food there, set up and ready before that! Often not everyone can eat together due to the continuation of hair/make up, photography, and family continuing to arrive...having something that can be available for awhile really helps everyone have a chance!

Easy-peasy, right? But so delicious!

Wedding day preparation can bring out all those last-minute nerves. Having something easy to eat can help to settle the stomach, can give people something "mindless" to focus on, and can add an element of fun and easy camaraderie at the table in the midst of "all the things"! It is often a time of some really lighthearted fun in our IX and Game Room space -- and a time for stories and chatting! Nourishing the body AND soul with friends on one of the most important days of your life!

<3 Sara


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