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More tips to dress up your tables!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

So --- one more quick thought on table decorations!

If you read my other table decorations blog you saw that I believe it is easy, and totally something you can do however you'd like! But, I know that when you go bigger...sometimes it is tempting to feel overwhelmed and throw those rules out the window! What now?!?! But, I got you ---- don't you worry about it!

When you are looking at a bigger event (oh holidays and graduation parties!!) have a couple of different options. (ok -- options are truly endless...but we'll talk about a couple here -- and show you pictures of one!)

One option is to treat each table separately -- keep a theme...fall, fancy, baby...but don't worry about them "matching" each other. In fact -- you can do every other table the same, no two tables the same, or each table completely different! The nice part of doing this is that you can again use things you might already own -- and just put like items together! No worry if you "only" have so many of a certain kind of decoration! They match by NOT matching!

Another option is to treat the tables the same. In the example photos, we were setting up for a group dinner (this one again let me "play" with the tablescapes - YAY!). We had the tables all together to create the work "family style" that they were looking for in their dinner party with spouses. To look at decorating an 18' long and 6' wide table can seem a little intimidating. So, break it down into its 6' lengths! We started with a wider decoration...using 3 vases per cluster -- one tall and two shorter. Put them across the center line - tall on one table and shorts on the other table and alternated them so you'd get some different heights and interests going down the line. The vases were filled with some wispy glittery strands ( we all know Matt loves when I use glittery haha) -- and then a simple arrangement of blue and white florals that we have. To fill out the table we added scatter stones again - this time in blues, whites, and silvers predominantly.

Quick, easy, and at first glance when you walk in the room you think --- PRETTY! And, most importantly for this group (at least for the guys!) -- there was plenty of table space left for a grilled steak dinner.

Hope you enjoy!



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