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Soft and Light Brioche Rolls

So, I don’t know about anyone else – but this time of staying home (with no activity in the venue!!) has brought me back to my baking. Well – that and having our two college girls home so it is not just Matt and I eating it all! 😊

I have always been into cooking and baking desserts – but now I am going through and baking more on the breads side. That was something I have done – just not often! I would generally prefer to make something sweet and decorated and DELIGHTFUL! But how many cookies can you really eat in a week? (It’s ok if you don’t want to answer that!)

I have a couple new standby’s --- an English muffin style bread that is AMAZING – I’ll have to share that on an upcoming post. And, today’s recipe – “SOFT AND LIGHT BRIOCHE ROLLS”. They have become a family favorite that will be part of our busy lives for years I think! I found the recipe on Pinterest – from the website: It is easy, straightforward, and dare I say DELIGHTFUL! I am impressed with how easy it comes together and how absolutely yummy they are.

I have been making them ‘for burger buns’ – but at least half never see a burger before they are enjoyed with butter and honey or jelly. One of my girls met me in the kitchen as I pulled them out of the oven this last time to have one with cinnamon honey butter ( Sam’s has a fantastic version of this if you have a Sam’s Club membership!). The only other note I would make – is the author says to make it into 8 buns. I did this the first time and we felt like there was too much bun for a burger! So, this last time I made it into 11. I was shooting for 12….but didn’t realize I only made 11 until I was putting them in the pan, lol.

The recipe link is below – go check this out and read all her great tips! It is a fun read and a delicious result!

Here are a few pictures from my kitchen:

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