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Taco Ring

Sara Ricke10:38 AM (2 hours ago) to Sara, me Taco Ring --- one of the favorites from my kids' childhoods that must be brought out in the summer! So a funny sidenote on this taco all started a long long time ago... I sold Pampered Chef when my youngest was a baby. I needed the adult time out as a stay at home mom -- and after I had circled all the things in the catalog that I wanted Matt was just happy to have me " support my habit" LOL One of the recipes that we used at a ton of shows was the taco ring because it was such a quick and easy crowd pleaser! We of course made it at home too -- but not that often because I swear I made it at 90% of the shows that I did! Fast forward a few years...and my niece Jen decided to make it for supper one night ( she's not OLD...but, she's maybe a titch older than my girls...Love ya Jen!). They loved it! It was the best recipe EVER and perhaps Jen could give me the recipe. Sigh. At least this was a real recipe -- I'll tell you about the ramen noodle experience another day. So -- the recipe was revived! And, still as yummy as ever! I'm going to apologize right now that I missed the beginning step in the pictures, but I have every faith in you that you will be able to make it happen! To do this recipe -- I start with browned hamburger made into taco meat...and add in shredded cheese until it's cheesy yummy. I know a few people who also add in some refried beans to the meat mixture and that totally works too if that is something your family loves! Then you take a pan -- I have always made it on my large round Pampered Chef Stone -- and you take crescent rolls ( 2 packages) and lay them to the outside is sort of a sun formation with the large ends overlapping each other and the points laying out. Add a scoop of the meat mixture onto each one ( and then I fill in the spaces with the rest to use it up!). Then it is as easy as pulling the points over and tucking them under. Truly can't get easier than that! Bake in your oven until the crescent rolls are golden and delicious -- and serve! We've always cut with a pizza cutter -- I am sure that this was, to begin with, to show tools at my shows - but it honestly works fantastic so why change it!?!

Now -- you can also fill the middle before serving with shredded lettuce, a bell pepper full of salsa, and any other taco toppings that you desire. My kids = picky ( still!!), so I have always served it all the side and everyone takes what they wish! Can't contaminate their taco ring by having it touch lettuce!! haha. So -- there you have it. Delicious and easy -- my kinda recipe. For the real recipe -- here is the link to the Pampered Chef one -- and their pictures are prettier too!

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