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The Wedding Bar Bill

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

One of the biggest questions we hear is regarding the bar bill! During a tour for a wedding - this is often one area that people just aren't sure what to do. But, I'll make it easy for what you want. No, really --- Do WHAT YOU WANT!

There is no one size fits all on this -- and we have offered and used so many options -- and each one was totally great! This is one of the times where the ( somewhat overused in my humble opinion) " those that matter won't mind and those that mind don't matter" is fitting. Your guests are here to see you get married! MARRIED!! That is their primary reason for being here -- to celebrate with YOU! And they will be delighted with all the touches you are choosing for your day...and they really will have no assumption of free drinks! While an open bar is a nice surprise -- I can tell you that from behind the bar, when we tell them there is a tab and it's an open bar we are overwhelmingly told "Oh! Wow! That's awesome!" It is just that -- a nice surprise!

Now that we've settled that (ha!) let me say that we love being able to offer a large variety of options for you to choose some. Because, let's face it, sometimes one size doesn't fit all! You should be able to customize how you would like your Wedding Bar to look! I'll show you a few of the options we've done here -- really just food for thought though...because all the options you can choose are great!

  1. Traditional Open Bar -- all drinks are free to the guest and put on a tab to be paid generally by the couple or their parents (we've had both sets of parents split the tab too)

  2. Timed Open Bar -- all drinks are free to the guests for a predetermined period of time ( sometimes until after dinner, or after the first song, etc)

  3. Predetermined Amount Open Bar -- all drinks free to the guests until a certain dollar amount is reached ( sometimes the payer just asks us to check in as we hit certain amounts and they can choose to extend or stop the open bar at that point)

  4. Predetermined Amount Open Bar (2) -- all drinks free to guests until a certain amount is reached by one party and then a new open bar tab is started by another party. ( EX - a parent pays up to a certain dollar amount and then the couple reopens to another dollar amount)

  5. Selective Open Bar --- certain items free to the guests (Ex: canned drinks but not liquor)

  6. Selective Open Bar (2) -- certain items free all night no matter if the rest of the open bar closes (Ex: All non-alcoholic options stay free even after the rest of the bar goes to a cash bar)

  7. Selective Open Bar (3) -- items are free for a certain group such as the wedding party - but cash bar for the rest of the guests

  8. Drink Tickets -- these are purchased and then handed out to whomever you wish -- you then know how many you are giving out and what your cost will be ahead of time.

  9. Cash Bar -- everyone buys their own! We can also run tabs for individuals on our Square system so they don't need to have "actual cash" - and/or pay every time they come up to the bar -- also super convenient for families!

See? Easy! This should be a simple choice you get to make -- and then move on with your planning! No stress/no worries/no headache! Ok -- I can't guarantee the last part -- that's really up to you!

Last but not least -- two things to consider if your wedding is at The Great Hall of Royal:

  1. If you want drinks available during your set up day/rehearsal do you want that to be a tab or cash bar?

  2. The day of the wedding as your people are all here for hours getting ready and taking pictures and all of the things --- do you want that to be a tab or cash bar?

We do require ALL beverages to be purchased on site ( including mimosas, getting ready drinks, etc...) so this is something you'd want to communicate with your friends/family about -- and make the decision of if you'd want them "on their own" or if you want them on a tab.

I think that covers the big question --- and the answer again?? You guessed it! Do What You Want!


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